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Science communicator. neuroscience PhD student (in thesis-writing mode!) studying sleep apnea. Editor at . Runs. Knits. CATS!

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  1. "Why do you have so many tables? Did you go to Ikea?"

  2. I made some pretty new petri dishes for you.

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  3. Every agent at New Leaf is on the lookout for adult fiction and nonfiction projects. Cue the query inbox flood!

  4. Had to walk home and get my car to drive somewhere mid-day before going back to work. Saw my lil kitty watching me out the window. :') :')

  5. 27th Jan 1962 - the last concert the band played at the Aintree Institute - they were paid £15 in loose change

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  6. For 6 weeks now, my eye has had an OBNOXIOUS twitch. Only while at work (probably stress-related). I've eaten so many bananas. MAKE IT STOP!

  7. Do setbacks in your science twist into chronic self doubt? You are not alone.

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  8. Sorry Dan, I see Arial as loosening its middle manager's tie and settling down to watch Top Gear.

  9. Currently using Cambria. Love Times New Roman. Calibri's not the worst. I'd handwrite a manuscript before I used Arial or Helvetica

  10. Meet Mac.

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  11. Great commentary by my brother on in !

  12. I just ate chocolate advertised as "free of chemicals." I have tasted the void. It tasted like chocolate.

  13. Of course the genetic component is now being worked out, but pruning hypothesis has been around for a long time. (From a sleep researcher!)

  14. Very interesting, tho Irwin Feinberg hypothesized this in 1983 Scientists Move Closer to Understanding Schizophrenia

  15. Why is this so accurate? It just *is*.


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  18. Definitely my most interesting bit of trivia is "My brother's name is Taylor and his fiance's name is Taylor."

  19. This is so relatable, especially for 1st-Year-Grad-Student-Forced-To-Read-About-Electrophysiology Jordan.

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